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Sunshine Contacts Update (3/25/23)

Happy Weekend!  Here’s the latest on Sunshine Contacts.

What do we do again?  Sunshine’s takes mundane tasks and make them magical.  And we’re starting with contacts.  Sunshine Contacts is your behind-the-scenes contacts brain — keeping your contacts organized, up-to-date, accurate, and syncing them to where you need them, when you need them.

What have we been up to? Sunshine Contacts and Sunshine Birthdays are available in the App Store. Early adopters are loving both (4.8+ rating).

What’s new in Contacts this week? Version 1.43 is in the App Store and it has:

New Keep in Touch functionality – Ever wonder if someone is able to get in touch with you?  Chances are they have out-of-date and partial info.  Our new Keep In Touch feature sends your up-to-date contact info to recipients — even if they aren’t Sunshine users.  Like a digital business card or a “We’ve moved” postcard, you choose the details to send and who to send it to.  Recipients get an easy to download vCard.  And, voilà!  Your contact card is up-to-date on their phone instantly.  It’s free for the first 25 cards, or $9.99 for an unlimited number of recipients.  You can access Keep in Touch from the main menu.


Improved Sharing – We’ve made it easier than ever to share your contact info with people nearby.  Tapping on Share pops up the familiar Apple’s share sheet, so you can send contact info via AirDrop, text or email.  In just a few taps, you can share and receive contact info from someone you just met. 


More Efficient Search – We’ve retooled our approach to search to be more effiicient in terms of storage used, time to index, and speed of search.

Sunshine in the press
This past week, Sunshine was featured this past week on CNBC’s Working Lunch and Forbes.  Watch the videos.  Thanks to Jon Fortt and Diane Brady for featuring Sunshine!

If you like Sunshine Contacts or Sunshine Birthdays, please take a moment to give us a review in the App Store.  We appreciate it!

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Sunshine Contacts Update (3/17/23)

An update on Sunshine Contacts from this past weekend! 

What do we do again?  Sunshine’s takes mundane tasks and make them magical.  And we’re starting with contacts.  Sunshine Contacts is your behind-the-scenes contact brain — keeping your contacts organized, up-to-date, accurate, and syncing them to where you need them, when you need them.

What have we been up to?  We learned a lot from the v1 release of our contacts product.  Last August, we “soft launched” our v2.  Customers love it, and we have maintained a 4.8 rating in the App Store: Sunshine Contacts in the App Store. We also launched Sunshine Birthdays, more about that below.

What’s new in Contacts? Version 1.39 is in the App Store and it has:

* Sync – This is our most requested feature.  Once your contacts are de-duplicated, organized, accurate and complete, how can you get those Sunshine-improved contacts synced in iOS where you can use them as part of your daily routine across all the apps on your phone?  Sunshine Sync does just that.  For $39.99/year or $9.99/month, we will sync your contacts to iOS and Google — so they are right where you need them, when you need them.

* Better support for international phone numbers – Do you have international phone numbers in your contacts that don’t work?  Fear not – Sunshine Contacts will fix them for you.  Plus, we’ll flag which country it’s for and format the numbers properly.

* Better and more LinkedIns on contact cards – We work hard to identify the right LinkedIn for a person, so we can add their professional information to your card.  Recently, we’ve seen nice gains and improvements that have allowed us to enhance more cards with LinkedIns.

What does Sunshine Birthdays do?  Version 1.35 is in the App Store: 
Sunshine Birthdays accesses calendar and contact entries as well as birthdays from Facebook, all with your permission of course, to get a complete list of birthdays.  Then, the app makes it easy to receive reminder notifications, weekly emails, and also offers some fun ways to celebrate with witty text messages, animated eCards, sending flowers or getting gift suggestions.

Have a great weekend!
Marissa Mayer & Enrique Muñoz Torres
Co-founders, Sunshine