Introducing Shine

“Don’t forget to send me that photo!”  How many times have you said that?  And, how often have you actually gotten the photo?  Maybe 20% of the time?  It depends on how busy your friend is, how many photos they took, whether they have your number or email, and a myriad of other factors.  The reality is photo sharing is broken.

Introducing the Shine app – easy, intuitive, group photo sharing.  With Shine, a photo belongs to a time and a place, and the people who were there. 

With the Shine app (available for free in the App Store, coming soon to Android), you get beautifully curated albums with all the photos you’ve been missing.  Shine works for future, current, and even past events (so you’ll still be able to get those photos from last year’s spring break!).  Whether you are on a trip, at a party, or just hanging out, you can get started in a few simple steps:

    1. Create an album with a time and place.  
    2. Pick your mode: Magic (uses Shine’s AI to decide what is shareworthy) or Manual (you select photos to share).
    3. Invite others to the album.

Presto!  You’ll have all the photos from when you were together.  In full resolution.  Clustered to remove duplicates.  Available to download or view in the app.  

Here’s what Shine does:

  • Photo curation.  Shine uses AI to understand which pictures are shareworthy for an album.  That means looking at where and when they were taken, who is in them, and clustering photos of the same scene or moment.  It also avoids photos that you likely don’t want to share with a group (screenshots, personal selfies).  In Magic Mode, shareworthy photos are automatically uploaded to the album and, for the photos Shine isn’t sure about, it asks you.  In Manual Mode, Shine’s AI identifies shareworthy photos.  Only when you have reviewed and approved the suggestions are your photos uploaded to our servers.
Photo curation
  • Suggested albums.  Shine also uses AI to suggest albums you may want to share.  With your permission, Shine analyzes your photos to look for patterns that indicate a group of photos you may want to share as an album.  Shine suggests these albums, grouped by time and place.  Then, with just a few taps, you can share those photos (in case you forgot to do so at the time!).  And, in return, you’ll get the photos that your friends took.
suggested albums
  • Share with ease.  Easy sharing means always getting the photo.  Shine makes it frictionless to share an album with the right group of people.  You can invite with an album code, link, or QR code.  Plus, if you’ve shared other albums before, Shine makes it easy to share with the same friends again.  You can share photos you took in the past or set up an album for the future.  Shine gives reminders about albums you’ve been invited to join, photos you’ve taken that may be shareworthy, and new photos that are shared with you.  Plus, Shine has reactions, captions, and comments built right in, so you can react to your friends’ photos and they can react to yours.  And, Shine organizes it all into a compelling activity feed on your homescreen.
share with ease

We think you will love the Shine app.  Try it today and you’ll instantly get beautiful, shareworthy albums.

And, Shine is more than just group photo sharing.  At Sunshine, we know that some of the most special photos are taken at events: parties, weddings, birthdays, backyard BBQs, conferences.  These events require organization: themes, invites, RSVPs and headcounts, updates, and messaging.  And, we also know that events where photo sharing is naturally part of the guest experience makes it easier for everyone.

So, Shine is also launching events – invites, RSVPs, messaging, and more.  Available for free at, now you can organize your event with wit, beauty, and intelligence – with photo sharing natively built in right from the start.

What sets Shine events apart:

  • Clever, gorgeous invitations.  The best events have creative themes with originality and wit.  Generative AI can, in a matter of seconds, create an array of stunning options to define your event and build your guests’ anticipation.  With Dall-E from OpenAI integrated, you can jot down an event concept in a few words and get striking invitation options.  These rich, creative invites elevate any event.  And, you can also choose from our Inspiration Gallery or upload your own picture or design.

  • Smooth, speedy communication.  Shine is designed to be fast and fluid.  Invite your guests by email, mobile number or link.  RSVPs are clean, easy, and expressive. Shine lets your guests receive updates how they want – by text, email, or both.   We’ve thoughtfully optimized Shine, so you and your guests can focus on the event itself.

  • Built-in photo sharing.  Now participating in event photo sharing is as easy as RSVPing yes.  Every event created on Shine automatically has a shared photo album defined by the invite’s place and time.  Once you RSVP, you are added to the shared album.  All you have to do is install the Shine app.  When you are at the event, photos you take will be shared (magically or manually, in accordance with your preference) and photos other guests take will be shared with you.  And, like all Shine albums, they will be curated, clustered, and available in full resolution.

built in sharing


At Sunshine, we aim to make the mundane magical and make it easier to be thoughtful. 

With easy, intuitive, group photo sharing and stunning, flawlessly organized events, it’s time to Shine.  Get started today by downloading the Shine app or visiting

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