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Introducing Sunshine

How do you make the mundane magical? Imagine if your contacts magically stayed up-to-date with no effort on your part. Or if the great photos you have of your friends got sent to them automatically. What if you never forgot another birthday?

The impossible is now possible. Smartphones have connected the world and put the entire internet into our pockets. We can get whatever we want delivered to our home whenever we want, sometimes by flying drone. With the rise of artificial intelligence, dreams of virtual assistants, self-driving cars and global facial recognition are no longer that far-fetched. However, despite transformational advances in technology, there are still tons of mundane, time-consuming tasks that we all do (or just don’t do) daily.

Sunshine’s technology will make the mundane effortless, free up your time, and make it easier to be thoughtful…

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Say Hello to Sunshine Contacts

Say Hello to Sunshine Contacts

We believe there has to be a way to use the power of today’s advanced technologies to free up some of your time, and we found that it starts in an unsuspecting place: your contact list.

Despite all the technological leaps and bounds helping us realize our wildest dreams, contact lists – the things that helps us manage the most important thing in our lives, our relationships – haven’t kept up.

What condition are your contacts in? If you are like most people, the contact cards on your phone are messy: they haven’t been updated in years, there are tons of duplicates, many are incomplete, some have out of date information, and, if you decided to clean them up, you wouldn’t even know where to start. (And, don’t worry, you’re not alone!)

In our personal and professional lives, we constantly meet new people. People move, change jobs, and get new …

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