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Introducing Shine

“Don’t forget to send me that photo!”  How many times have you said that?  And, how often have you actually gotten the photo?  Maybe 20% of the time?  It depends on how busy your friend is, how many photos they took, whether they have your number or email, and a myriad of other factors.  The reality is photo sharing is broken.

Introducing the Shine app – easy, intuitive, group photo sharing.  With Shine, a photo belongs to a time and a place, and the people who were there. 

With the Shine app (available for free in the App Store, coming soon to Android), you get beautifully curated albums with all the photos you’ve been missing.  Shine works for future, current, and even past events (so you’ll still be able to get those photos from last year’s spring break!).  Whether you are on a trip, at a party, or just hanging …

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Sunshine Contacts Update (3/25/23)

Happy Weekend!  Here’s the latest on Sunshine Contacts.

What do we do again?  Sunshine’s takes mundane tasks and make them magical.  And we’re starting with contacts.  Sunshine Contacts is your behind-the-scenes contacts brain — keeping your contacts organized, up-to-date, accurate, and syncing them to where you need them, when you need them.

What have we been up to? Sunshine Contacts and Sunshine Birthdays are available in the App Store. Early adopters are loving both (4.8+ rating).

What’s new in Contacts this week? Version 1.43 is in the App Store and it has:

New Keep in Touch functionality – Ever wonder if someone is able to get in touch with you?  Chances are they have out-of-date and partial info.  Our new Keep In Touch feature sends your up-to-date contact info to recipients — even if they aren’t Sunshine users.  Like a digital business card or a “We’ve moved” postcard, you choose the details to send and who to send it to.  Recipients get an easy to download vCard.  And, voilà!  Your contact card is …

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Sunshine on Forbes

Thank you, Forbes and Diane Brady, for the interview! As I mentioned, contacts are a deceptively hard problem, but one with a really big impact. We are proud of our solution, Sunshine Contacts, available in the App Store.

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