The whole group’s info, all in one place.

Seamlessly collect and share group contact information

Sunshine Circles is the easiest way to collect contact information from a group, make it available to everyone, and get in touch with everyone.

Say goodbye to the struggle of manually collecting contact information. Whether it’s for a class project, an event, or simply staying connected with friends and family, Sunshine Circles will keep you in touch with those who matter most.

No apps to download.  100% free.  Backed by Sunshine’s Privacy Pledge.

It's as easy as 𝜋

Start by creating a circle, specifying its name and the information that you want to collect and share. Circles can include names, phones, emails, addresses, birthdays, and anything else that your circle might find helpful.

After creating a Circle, share it with your group.

All together in person? We generate a QR code that everyone can scan to join.

Is everyone already in a group chat? No worries, we give you a shareable link that you can send to the group.

Got a bunch of emails? We can send invites out to everyone and follow up with reminders to join!

Stay in touch

The information of the people in your Circles will be available where and when you need it.  No apps to download or software to install.  Just go to our website from your phone or computer, confirm your phone number, and you’ll be all set.

From Sunshine Circles, you will also be able to start group messages or emails, as well as download people’s contact cards so that they’re readily available on your phone or computer.

Works even better with Sunshine Contacts

All the contacts from your Circles will be automatically available on your phone through the Sunshine Contacts app. Not a Sunshine Contacts user yet?  Try it now!


Contacts are among the most closely guarded data that any of us have. Which is why, at Sunshine, we take your privacy extremely seriously.

You are in control of your information. You decide who you want to connect with and what you want to share.

Further, there are no ads on Sunshine. And we’ll never sell any of your personal information or contact information to any third party. Ever.