Sync FAQ

What does it mean to Sync my contacts?

When you enable Sync, you’re distributing your Sunshine-improved contacts. Every iCloud or Google account that you add will have a copy of your Sunshine contacts. Any edit to a contact made on your phone, a connected account or the Sunshine Smart Contacts app will exist in each location as part of our continuous syncing.

What types of accounts can I Sync with?

Our Sync feature allows you to connect as many iCloud and Google accounts as you’d like! We do not support Outlook connection at this time because many Outlook accounts do not permit third party apps to make edits.

Can I Sync to my other devices?

Yes! You can benefit from your Sunshine improvements and Sync on multiple devices by simply logging into the same iCloud and/or Google accounts that you’ve enabled Sync for. Note that we do not support cross-device app-usage so please choose one primary device to have the Sunshine Smart Contacts on and allow iCloud and Google to populate the contacts on your other devices.

How do I generate an App-Specific Password?

Watch this video for guided directions on App-Specific Passwords or read Apple’s directions here.

I’m losing my progress in Sunshine when confirming Google’s security check. How can I fix this?

After entering your password for your Google Account, sometimes Google Advanced Security will have you verify your identity in another Google application. To avoid losing your place in the account connection process, verify your identity on another device. 

I subscribed to Sync and the status says “Syncing contacts for the first time”. What’s going on?

When Sync is enabled, it will take up to a few hours for us to export out your Sunshine improved contacts. Once your initial Sync is complete, there will be a continuous syncing that will allow any edits made in your Sunshine Smart Contacts, Google, and/or iCloud connected account(s) to update into each other.

I connected Sync but there is “Confirmation needed” now. Why?

When you enable Sync with a Google account that is not connected to your device, we need your confirmation to import and process the new contacts. Once you accept, your Syncing process will begin and we will notify you once your Sync is complete!

I see the error “Google limits the number and size of contacts”. Why? What should I do to fix it?

Google has a 20MB or 25,000 contact limit. When we Sync with Google, large, dense books will often hit the quota. Another common way you may hit this quota is if you have a full trash bin. You can bring yourself back to a good state by buying more quota or emptying your trash in!

I see an error that “Sync Failed – Permissions”. What should I do to fix it?

You will see this error if your App-Specific Password or Google Account permissions have been revoked. Keep in mind, if you change Apple ID password, your App-Specific Password will automatically be revoked.

Follow these steps to reinstate your App-Specific Password:

  1. Sign into
  2. Scroll down to App-Specific Passwords
  3. Create a new App-Specific Password
  4. Reconnect your iCloud account, logging in with your new App-Specific Password

Follow these steps to reinstate your Google account permissions:

  1. Tap on the Sync Failed – Permissions notification on the Sunshine home screen
  2. Sign in with Google again
  3. Continue to authorize your Google accounts permissions and begin syncing again

I see an error that my “Payment Failed”. What should I do to fix it?

By tapping “Fix” on the homepage error, and “Re-enable Sync”, you will be sent to the App Store where you may manage your subscription.

If there is an issue with your App Store payment method, tap your profile in the top right of the App Store homepage, tap your name on the top, and “Manage Payments” to ensure a valid payment method is connected. Once you open the Sunshine Smart Contacts app again, refresh the page and your sync will begin.

I see an error “Another user is syncing to this account”. What do I do?

If the account you are trying to connect is not shared or being simultaneously used on another Sunshine Smart Contacts app, contact customer support and we will look into where your account is being used.

I see an error “iCloud is currently unavailable”

This is a rare error that will occur when iCloud has hit a rate limit. If there are too many changes occurring at once, iCloud will need some time to stabilize before Sync can continue. Don’t worry though! This error is temporary and will fix itself. Just wait a few hours and try again.

I see a screen saying “Sunshine detected Read Only Contacts”

The most common instance of this “Read Only Contacts” screen occurs when you have an Outlook account connected to your device. To clear this screen, you’ll need to disconnect your Outlook accounts and containers from your device.  You will not lose your contacts if you disconnect your Outlook accounts.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

  1. Go to the Sync and Restore page in the menu
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom
  3. Tap Sunshine Smart Contacts under Active
  4. Cancel Subscription

How can I get my original contacts back?

You can restore your original contacts on your connected accounts by going to Sync and Restore in the hamburger menu on the bottom right of the homepage and tapping Restore under the account you’d like to reverse your Sync to.  Please note that we’ll restore your contacts to the exact same state as when you enabled Sync and any changes that you’ve made in the interim will be permanently lost.

I’m seeing changes with my favorites list after enabling Sync.  What do I need to do?

Sync should not change contacts in your iOS contacts favorite list. Sometimes iCloud and your device contacts take a while to interact. A simple restart of the iPhone should resolve the issue. If you are still facing issues, please contact with details and screenshots of what you’re experiencing.

I see a lot more notes after Sync. What happened?

When we merge duplicate contacts we also merge the notes in the original contacts. If the notes are identical then we will merge them into a single note but if they’re different, we preserve the original versions of each note. This is why you may see longer versions of the notes.

I’ve already enabled Sync but my iOS contacts don’t match what I see in the Sunshine app.

If you’ve connected your contacts to another contact manager that can edit your book, it may cause abnormal behavior. Sunshine sync works best when we are the only force that improves contacts. We hope you choose to stick with us!

Why do I see a “Sunshine Customer Support” contact in my address book?

We’ve added Sunshine Customer Support to your address book, so we can find which list you are exporting to on your device. You may also use this contact to stay connected with Sunshine and easily contact our support team!

I’d like to request a refund for my Sync subscription.

We’re sorry to see you go! You can request a refund through the App-Store by logging into with your Apple ID. Select in the drop down that you’d like to request a refund and choose a reason. Once you tap Next, select Sunshine Smart Contacts from your list of subscriptions and Submit.

For any other questions please feel free to reach out to We are always available to help.