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Easy, intuitive, group photo sharing.
Flawlessly organized events.

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Don’t forget to send me that photo!

How many times have you said that? And, how often have you actually gotten the photo? Maybe 20% of the time?

The reality is photo sharing is broken.

Introducing the Shine app – easy, intuitive, group photo sharing.

With Shine, photos belong to a time and a place, and the people who were there.

Events + Photos = Better Together
and with AI

Sometimes, the most special shareworthy photos are taken at events.

At Sunshine, we believe that photos and events are better together. 

That’s why Shine does event organization, too. Now, you can organize your event with wit, beauty, and intelligence with photo sharing built-in right from the start.

AI-Powered Group Photo Sharing

Shine gives you beautifully curated albums instantly. Shine uses AI to understand what is shareworthy by looking at where photos were taken, who is in them, and clustering photos of the same scene or moment. 

Shine also suggests albums to share based on your photo-taking patterns.

Finally, Shine makes it easy to share. You can upload photos magically or manually.

And, you can invite friends with an album code, link or QR code.

AI-Powered Events,

available now at

Generative AI images have a way of capturing people’s imaginations. Shine uses gen AI for invites. Clever, stunningly gorgeous invites

Fast and fluid, Shine optimizes communication for guests and hosts across RSVPs, text, and email.

And, of course, Shine has built-in photo sharing. To share photos from the event, you simply RSVP and install the Shine app. Voila!

Improve your contacts

Sunshine improves your contacts using intelligent algorithms, your email data, public sources, and more.

Sunshine will ask you about possible duplicates, preferred names, and even which contacts should be in your go-to list and which should just be available in search.

Share with ease

Sunshine makes it easy to exchange contact info.

Choose what to share and with whom, including people nearby, in just a few taps.

Plus, we remind you to share your contact info with other Sunshine Contact users you know who don’t
have it


Photos and who you invite where are among the most guarded data that any of us have. Which is why at Sunshine, we take your privacy extremely seriously.

You are in control of your information. You decide who you want to connect with and what you want to share.

Further, there are no ads on Sunshine. And we’ll never sell any of your personal information or contact information to any third party. Ever.

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We are a small, fast growing start‑up, eager to build meaningful, everyday apps at scale. Our first product is Sunshine Contacts, and we are excited about building so much more with your help!