Say Hello to Sunshine Contacts

We believe there has to be a way to use the power of today’s advanced technologies to free up some of your time, and we found that it starts in an unsuspecting place: your contact list.

Despite all the technological leaps and bounds helping us realize our wildest dreams, contact lists – the things that helps us manage the most important thing in our lives, our relationships – haven’t kept up.

What condition are your contacts in? If you are like most people, the contact cards on your phone are messy: they haven’t been updated in years, there are tons of duplicates, many are incomplete, some have out of date information, and, if you decided to clean them up, you wouldn’t even know where to start. (And, don’t worry, you’re not alone!)

In our personal and professional lives, we constantly meet new people. People move, change jobs, and get new emails and phone numbers all the time. Once contacts are added to your phone, they often don’t get touched again, despite almost continuous change. Managing updates is cumbersome and time-consuming, and usually requires mass emails or text chains. Often, we miss the changes altogether.

With Sunshine Contacts, you’ll always have the most accurate details at your fingertips – complete and in one organized place.

Great contacts are life changing.

Sunshine Contacts automatically creates a comprehensive set of your personal and professional contacts from disparate places like your phone, online address books, and email. Your previously, static messy contact cards are then magically organized and updated with the latest info.

Going a step further, Sunshine Contacts, with your permission, uses location data to better understand where you spend time and who you might want to share your contact info with. Plus, our system is constantly checking for new info as well as changes to your existing contacts to ensure you’re up-to-date.

Best of all, when you want to contact someone, Sunshine gives you the relevant context – like your most recent email exchange – so you have the right information at the right time for the friend, family member, or colleague you’re reaching out to.

Sunshine Contacts makes contacts just work.

Sunshine Contacts is currently offered by invitation. Here is what you can expect once you’ve received an invitation:

  • Organized contacts. Immediately see a more organized contact list, with correct spelling and duplicates removed.
  • Complete and comprehensive. Sunshine Contacts pulls information from a user’s iPhone, online address books, and email to create a thorough list with updated phone numbers, emails, addresses, and professional information. The app automatically updates outdated information.
  • Smart sharing. The app uses colocation and proximity detection data to better understand relationships and ease information sharing.
  • Thoughtful touches. When reaching out to a contact, Sunshine Contacts gives context for the relationship, highlighting the most recent correspondence.
Today, Sunshine Contacts is available to download through the App Store on iOS through invitation only. After installing the app to your device, you’ll be prompted to provide your information for the invitation program. When you receive your invite, you reenter the app and you will be prompted to complete your account information. After you’ve created your account, Sunshine Contacts does the rest: working its magic in the background, automating the mundane task of managing your contacts.

Before on iPhone Contacts

After on Sunshine

After on iPhone Contacts

At Sunshine, we are working on life’s practical, everyday problems. We’re starting by tackling your contact list, and over time we’ll solve event organization and group photo sharing too. It’s our mission to address these pain points for you so you can spend your time more meaningfully.

– Marissa and Enrique